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Taste The Waste

Why do we throw away so much?
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2010 | 90 min | Recommended min. age: 14 y

A documentary by Valentin Thurn about the global food waste. Why do we throw away so much? And how can we improve our behaviour?

Hard to believe: On the way from the farm to the dinner table, more than half the food gets thrown away. Half of it is being lost before it even reaches the consumer. Nobody is comfortable with this tremendous waste of precious food while many people are still starving, but what can we do?

European households throw away 100 billion Euros worth of food each year – as much as the annual turnover at Nestlé, the world’s largest food corporation. The food people throw away in Europe would be enough to feed all the hungry people in the world twice!

Why are ever-greater quantities being destroyed? Thurn seeks explanations: from supermarket sales staff and managers, from bakers, wholesale market inspectors, welfare recipients, ministers, farmers and EU bureaucrats. It’s a system that we all take part in: Supermarkets constantly have the complete selection of merchandise on offer, the bread on the shelves has to be fresh until late in the evening and everything has to look just right: One withered leaf of lettuce, a crack in a potato or a dent in an apple and the goods are sorted out.

“Taste the Waste” shows that a worldwide rethinking is taking place and that there are people who oppose this madness with imagination and commitment.

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