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No one is too small to make a big difference!
Our free offers allow pupils to discover important environmental topics and new worlds either on site at our festival or in the classrooms.

Films raise pupils’ awareness of environmental and climate issues in an engaging and entertaining way. They link information with stories and faces, touch and thus make even complex topics accessible.

We select age-appropriate and valuable films for our school programmes with great care. Pupils discover the natural wonders, diversity and curiosities of our earth at first hand. A unique film experience is guaranteed.

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Our school events

School cinema at the Films for the Earth Festival

At the Films for the Earth Festival we offer four free film screenings for school classes of all ages (lower, middle and upper school).
Together with the myclimate foundation, we will be providing accompanying material for teaching so that teachers and pupils can explore the topics in greater depth.

With a visit to the school cinema, you can implement the competences of sustainable development according to Curriculum 21 in a simple and appealing way.

At the school cinema, we raise awareness of climate and environmental protection among up to 13,000 pupils. The next school cinema will take place on 19 November 2021.

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Digital school events

Once a year, we provide teachers with films and related teaching materials free of charge. Thereby we bring important environmental issues directly into the classroom. There is an apt film for every age group. The digital school events run for three weeks in spring and are open to all teachers interested.

Finding suitable films for the classroom

In our film library, teachers will find suitable films on various topics for their lessons. There is a large selection of films for children under the heading Children’s & Family Film. The search function helps you to search for key topics.

Screening films in the classroom

In Switzerland, schools are allowed to show films in class free of charge. Screenings for educational purposes in front of the class are free of charge under Swiss copyright law.

However, if a film is shown, for example, in the school auditorium for several classes and other visitors, the screening is considered public and subject to a fee. 
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