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Good Things Await

A farmers stubborn fight for his land
Star rating: 4.5 of 6
2014 | 93 min | Recommended min. age: 14 y

Niels Stokholm is one of the most idealistic farmers in Denmark. He runs the biodynamic farm with his wife, Rita, and from their farm, Thorshøjgaard, they distribute products to some of the best restaurants in the world like NOMA in Copenhagen. He lives by the philosophy that all people and earth are fundamentally connected through the universe. Among other things, he uses a planetary calendar to organize sowing and harvesting. But not everyone is equally fond of Thorshøjgaard and their holistic methods. Authorities and bureaucracy threaten to close down the farm.

Phie Ambo follows their struggle to make sure that although they were some of the first to follow this peculiar agriculture strategy, they won’t be the last.

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