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Land Grabbing

The global race for farmlands
2015 | 92 min | Recommended min. age: 14 y

Farmland is becoming more and more valuable and scarcer. Every year, we lose about 12 billion hectares of farmland through soil sealing. After the financial meltdown in 2008, the global financial capital discovered the business segment of global farmland. Through land grabbing, the rich of the world want to secure access to the world’s most important resources.

“Land Grabbing” portrays both investors and their victims. Their self-image could not be more different. They speak of healthy economics, of safeguarding food supply and of prosperity for all. The others tell about eviction, enslavement and the loss of their economic base.

An area half the size of Europe has already been snapped up, farmers and indigenous peoples have had to yield. Instead of growing food for the region, the farmland is used for large-scale production for the markets of prosperous countries.

“Land Grabbing” tells us what this phenomenon has to do with us. It is the EU programs which lead to mega plantations for green fuel and sugar production.

The documentary causes a stir, gives food for thought and inspires direct action. Resistance against “land-grabbing” is getting stronger and louder.

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