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Films have the power to trigger many different emotions. Our goal is to use films to inspire different kind people for climate and environmental protection. Right here and now.

our Vision

With our work we aim to contribute to the preservation of our natural resources. Together with our supporters, we bring inspiring environmental documentaries to as many people as possible – on location or online. Through our environmental education work, we try motivating them to act for a future worth living on this planet.

Our film events are free and open to all. They offer visitors a shared film experience and a framework for encounters and exchange. Our supporting programme shows them concrete options for action with which they can become active themselves right away. Committed organisations are given a platform to present their sustainable projects.

We show niche films to a broad public and promote their international distribution. In this way, we support the work of film prfessionals and creative artists.

Our story

In 2007, a group of committed people in Winterthur founded the association Films for the Earth. Their vision: to use moving images to encourage young and old to live sustainably. An award from UNESCO soon followed. Over the years, a film library has been built up with over 600 environmental documentaries. The Films for the Earth Festival also flourished: What started as a local DVD distribution campaign grew into the largest environmental film festival in German-speaking Switzerland and now reaches up to 17,000 visitors.

The Films for the Earth Foundation and the association Germany followed in 2018. Films for the Earth has since also been active internationally.

Our films, our quality Label

Our films represent an important quality feature of Films for the Earth. We select our films according to professional evaluation standards. We are supported in this by our volunteer film jury. This means that we can draw on films of high quality for our work. Thanks to our network of film and cultural professionals, we learn first-hand when and which promising films are produced and released.

We choose films that:

  • pass on knowledge and convey connections
  • show the influence of humans on the earth
  • touch people
  • raise awareness of the interactions between people and nature
  • promote appreciation for nature and diversity
  • show options for action, solutions and ways for a future worth living in harmony with nature and the environment

our values

Films for the Earth is politically and denominationally neutral. To the best of our knowledge, we are guided by broadly supported scientific facts and professional quality criteria.

Films for the Earth does not take a reactionary or agitational stance, but informs, motivates and brings people together.