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Meat the Truth

The massive impact of livestock farming on climate change
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2007 | 72 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

“Meat the Truth”, presented by Marianne Thieme (leader of the Party for the Animals), forms an addendum to earlier films that have been made about climate change. Although such films have convincingly succeeded in drawing the public’s attention to the issue of global warming, they have repeatedly ignored one of the most important causes of climate change, namely: intensive livestock production. This documentary has drawn attention to this fact by demonstrating that livestock farming generates more greenhouse gas emissions worldwide than all cars, trucks, trains, boats and planes together.

The Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation chose to compile the best scientific information on climate change and livestock farming available, and to translate this into a documentary that is easier accessible for a broader audience. The calculations on greenhouse gas emissions used in the film derive from and have been validated by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN (FAO), the World Watch Institute, the Institute for Environmental Studies of the Free University Amsterdam and numerous other authoritative sources.

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