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become a volunteer

It is only with the help of over 150 volunteers that we are able to organise our festival in 17 cities at the same time and thereby reach as many people as possible with important environmental issues. Do you want to get involved and be part of our festival?

Every year, over 150 dedicated volunteers support us at our festival locations. Would you like to join the festival team? Whether you want to help in the role of an event manager, film DJ*ane, presenter, photographer or all-rounder: You choose your favourite location and role.

You can expect an event management workshop, a unique look behind the scenes of our festival and many exciting encounters.

Roles in which you can support us

  • Event Manager: As an event manager, you will be responsible for a festival location (with our support) and lead the volunteer team on site.
  • Film-DJ*ane: As a film-DJ*ane, you take care of the image, sound and lighting.
  • Presenter: As a presenter, you will be responsible for the opening and closing of the festival at your location. At our volunteers’ workshop, you will receive professional presentation training from an expert (Mitja Rietbrock, SRF). 
  • Photographer: As a photographer, you will capture all the highlights of the festival with your camera.
  • All-rounder: As an all-rounder, you will help promote the festival, look after the students and the audience in the evening as well as prepare the aperitif.