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Members are an important support for us. We are pleased if you become a member of Films for the Earth.

In order to reach as many people as possible, our offers are free of charge and freely accessible. The topics are simply too important!
With your membership you make a significant financial contribution to our work. We can only cover part of our expenses through sponsorship contributions.

Your advantages as a member or patrons

  • You get to watch selected films for an unlimited amount of times and free of charge.
  • Several times a year, members get access to exclusive documentaries for a certain period of time.
  • You’ll receive film tickets with our festival films to watch yourself or to offer somebody.

Exclusive films for our members

Introduction to the secrets behind the innovative concept of the circular economy

Let’s imagine a future in which humanity not only survives, but rethinks old patterns and accepts the fact that the earth’s resources are limited. Against this backdrop, “Going Circular” explores the secrets of the circular economy – an innovative economic system based on the principle of waste minimisation and the sustainable conservation of our planet’s resources.

Can we save the world with excrement?

“Holy Shit” shows new ways of dealing with human faeces. The documentary asks questions such as: “What happens to our digested food after it has left our bodies?” and “Is it waste that needs to be thrown away or a valuable resource that can be reused?” In search of answers, director Rubén Abruña embarks on an investigative and entertaining quest through sixteen cities on four continents.

Reusing building components, converting existing buildings, saving CO2

The “baubüro in situ” is considered a pioneer for creative innovations in the field of climate-friendly construction. Instead of wasting resources, the team from Basel has developed a passion for reusing building components and remodelling existing buildings. Their ideas and impulses represent an important alternative in the fight against the construction industry, which is responsible for 40 per cent of global CO2 emissions.

How do festivals minimise their footprint?

This documentary film follows musician Daniela Weinmann as she visits various Swiss music festivals to present their sustainability measures. Music festivals no longer have anything to do with romantic nature experiences. On the contrary, they give very little back to nature – just think of the mountains of waste they produce and the diesel generators that blow tonnes of exhaust fumes into the air.

Bruno Manser’s legacy lives on

20 years after the mysterious disappearance of Bruno Manser in Borneo, his legacy lives on. Manser’s former comrades-in-arms and an investigative journalist continue his campaign against deforestation. Using unusual methods, the group uncovers a global corruption network that reaches from the Malaysian government to Swiss banks and finally brings down a powerful opponent.

Membership level

A membership is possible at any time. It is valid until the end of the year (registrations in November and December are valid for the following year as well).

Students / OASI / UnemployedCHF 60.–
Individuals BasicCHF 120.–
Companies / Institutions / patronsab CHF 300.–
Membership Plus with sponsorship for young forest (CHF 30.- in addition to the regular membership fee)CHF 90.– | 150.– | 330.–

Membership Plus

As a “Plus” member, you automatically become a sponsor of a 1 square metre young forest and natural C0₂ store.

With every new “Membership Plus” we support the reforestation of a former oil tank farm site (Chance Natur project by Pro Natura Zurich).

The 9,000 m2 area where an oil tank terminal once stood is just waiting to come back to life. Soon the area low in nutrients will be planted with pine and birch trees. Experience first-hand how the young forest gradually grows into an important C0₂ sink and habitat.

Membership Plus costs CHF 30.- more than a regular membership.

Become a member

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