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Global Food

The best films on the themes of agriculture, nutrition, food waste, food security and the global food industry.

An ideal agriculture produces healthy food at fair prices and at the same time protects nature and biodiversity.

We are still far away from that at the moment. Industrial agriculture produces “cheap” food in abundance. We pay a high price for this. It depletes the soil and fuels global climate change. Agrochemicals and intensive land use are causing more and more plant and animal species to disappear. The loss of biodiversity has consequences for food security, food quality and our health.

But what does agriculture look like that feeds people and nature equally? And where does our food really come from? How can we feed all the people on earth and conserve resources at the same time?

The films in this section provide answers. They also present solutions and visions for the agriculture of tomorrow. Because high-yield agriculture in harmony with nature is not only possible, but also necessary and urgent. We determine the agriculture of the future through our eating and buying habits.