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Dialogue Earth

2019 | 76 min | Recommended min. age: 12 y

The film portrait about the life and work of the earth painter Ulrike Arnold leads the viewer with intoxicatingly beautiful pictures into grandiose landscapes on different continents where the artist works. Carried by the radiating energy of the places, the viewer can understand the dialogue of the artist with nature and the attempt to capture its essence on the canvas. The film is a meditation on the beauty and sublimity of creation.
The genesis of her “One World” painting, a monumental work, which is decorated on both sides with earth colours from all continents, integrates the scenes into a current overall project. The painting forms a gigantic, free-hanging exclamation point, and is in response to her encounters at the U.S. Mexican Wall and Trump’s executive order to release protected areas, such as White Pocket in Utah, for oil and coal exploration and cattle ranching.
Every place on earth has its individuality and no one can represent it better than Ulrike Arnold who, as a believer, is more than just an environmentalist.

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