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The Right Place

Nine Islands
2017 | 36 min | Recommended min. age: 12 y

The project NINE ISLANDS is a short documentary from the Azores which consist of nine islands and spread out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Besides exploring the islands, surfing and amazing nature the documentary shows the importance of particular issues of nowadays through interviews and opinions of the local people who are connected through surfing and the ocean itself.

The documentary is putting a message out there that we need to take better care of our “home”, act wisely and responsibly towards the nature in the name of “rethink, reuse, recycle”. The project brings out the issues of excessive consumption and materialism in relationship with nature and surfing as well as the importance of a human being as an individual in the question of ability to help and preserve our planet the best way we can.

We will have a look at the issues through the eyes and minds of the local people, from a local surfboard shaper and local surfers through a vegan trailer owner to a National Geographic photographer.

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