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Our Place On Earth

2017 | 86 min | Recommended min. age: 12 y

In the small Finnish village of Selkie, as villagers and local Snowchange Cooperative work to rescue their watershed from the impacts of a local peat mine. What unfolds is an exploration of village identity, the importance of place and tradition, and how saving one thing means the survival of others.

Communities across the Caribbean face dramatic climate impacts. For them, rapid adaptation is essential. In this chapter, “Our Place on Earth” explores the different strategies Caribbean communities are taking to adapt their lives to an unpredictable future.

The indigenous community of Bangkukuk faces many social and climatic challenges, including drought, intense storms, illegal land-grabs, and overfishing. In this installment,”Our Place on Earth” follows the Nicaraguan-based NGO, blueEnergy, as they collaborate with Bangkukuk villagers to adapt to these increasingly dramatic challenges.

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