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A Quest For Meaning

A Journey Above And Beyond Our Beliefs
2015 | 88 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

When Nathanael went to visit Marc in New York, they had not seen each other for 10 years. Their lives had taken two totally different paths: Nathanael had just finished an shooting an environmental film in India, and Marc exported bottled water for a global corporation.

One day, a small occurrence brought Marc’s “American dream” to a halt. Stuck in bed, he decided to watch some of the documentary films on globalization, that Nathanael had left for him. From that moment on, his conscience would not leave him alone. So Marc went to India to join Nathanael where they began their improvised, epic journey.

Full of moments of doubt, moments of joy, and incredible testimonials, their journey is like an initiation into a whole new way of viewing the world and living life. They invite us to join them in reconsidering our rapport with nature, happiness, and the purpose of life.

87 minutes to help us regain confidence in our ability to effect change within ourselves, and within society.

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