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Die Rote Linie

Vom Widerstand im Hambacher Forst
Star rating: 5 of 6
2019 | 115 min | Recommended min. age: 14 y

“Die Rote Linie” (The Red Line) tells the protest against the destruction of the Hambach forest and the resistance against lignite mining from the point of view of various groups who first stand alone and then together against the energy giant RWE. A local David vs. Goliath story is inextricably linked to the globally relevant themes of climate change, energy policy and the civil protest movement. The Hambach Forest has become a symbol of resistance to energy policy. The disputes over the clearing of the forest in autumn 2018 have shown how urgent the discussion about an earlier lignite phase-out is for many people. “Die Rote Linie” observes, accompanies and intervenes. Besides we experience the emergence of a citizen movement, and discuss the question, when the red line is crossed and starting from which point humans engage themselves over the personal concern.

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