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Chasing the Thunder (Ocean Warriors)

Star rating: 4.5 of 6
2018 | 96 min

The illegally fishing trawler “Thunder” has been breaking international law unchallenged for ten years and is doing a million-dollar business. But then the activists of the environmental protection organization Sea Shepherd get on its heels. Where the international community fails, Sea Shepherd tracks down illegal fishing vessels and provides Interpol with the necessary evidence to bring the poachers to justice.

The captains of the activist ships “Bob Barker” and “Sam Simon” follow the trawler over 10,000 nautical miles past Antarctic icebergs, into the storms of the Southern Ocean, through the Indian Ocean and into the South Atlantic. To put an end to the poaching, the colourfully mixed, international crew risks everything and literally goes on a collision course with the “Thunder”.

“Chasing the Thunder” is a true thriller on the high seas, an epic 110-day chase across three oceans. The film shows in thrilling pictures how much endurance and commitment the fight for the seas demands and what a sworn crew of volunteers can accomplish.  

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