On The Wild Side

"On the Wild Side" is a feature-length documentary aiming to develop several themes related to different types of hunting including, but not limited to, trophy, sport, and subsistence hunting. This film is the first of its kind.

On The Wild Side will bring viewers on a journey around the world to meet people carrying on work against hunting. The film will show different approaches that the anti-hunting movement uses to defend animals. Anti-poaching entities, hunt saboteur, direct action organizations, educational groups, and single individuals as well will be highlighted, in addition to local laws and law enforcement branches that are dedicated to monitor hunting and address poaching.

Journalists and academics will offer their points of view on the matter, helping viewers understand the problems of hunting in depth. The documentary will investigate and expose the effects that hunting has on local ecosystems, wildlife populations, endangered species and will explore which are the most victimized, whether those animals assaulted are creatures from land, sea, or air.

On the Wild Side will attempt to analyze what drives people to kill for entertainment or hobby. Additionally, we will bring to light the power that hunting lobbies have on lawmakers and the media. We will show how their propaganda helps to create in the general public an acceptance of hunting, and an unfounded fear of predators.

The goal of this documentary is to educate people about the realities of hunting and to act as a catalyst towards the eventual end of hunting. It will also inspire people to take a position against hunting and help the viewers to have the knowledge of what they can do to stand themselves, On The Wild Side.

Attention: "On The Wild Side" shows violence on animals and is also very nerve-racking.

"On the Wild Side" deals in sometimes drastic images with the relevant theme of hunting and especially trophy hunting, thus demonstrating the often destructive influence of humans on their environment. It is not primarily a positive film, but one that wants to shake things up.

In this sense, "On the Wild Side" is a very emotional, stirring film, which is touching and arouses sympathy for the animals, but which is less concerned with letting all parties have their say. However, the argumentation is clear and comprehensible and is supported by empirical examples.

"On the Wild Side" is, as far as the use of cinematic means is concerned, a well made film. It is aesthetically appealing and also brings the statements to the point visually with often unique images. However, some passages have a tendency to anti-hunting propaganda.

Director(s): Giacomo Giorgi, Raffaella Tolicetti
Script: Giacomo Giorgi
Music: Eleonora Esposto
Actors: Paul Watson, Andrea Rutigliano, Ken Damro, Craig Spencer, Ansie Venter, Collet Ngobeni, Amaroq Weiss, Adrian Treves, Tommy Knowles, Adam Sugalski, Laurie Levy, Eduardo Gonçalvea, Anna Clements, Stefan Eck, Massimo Vitturi, Simon Russel, Dave Wetton, Paula Lamont, Phil Wollen, Hilary Jones
Year: 2018
Duration: 87 min
Our age recommendation: 18
Language (audio): English, Italian
Language (subtitles): English
Country of origin: France
Shooting Locations: South Africa, Australia, United States, United Kingdom
Screening rights: Javafilms ()


Main topic(s): Human Potential
Secondary topics: courage wildlife activism
Mentions: hunting hunters trophies Black Mambas A.P.U Kruger National Park bush meat National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa rhino ranger International Hunters Convention Rhino Conservation Trust Centre for Biological Diversity conservation wolves Wildlife Defense League One Protest Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission bird bear sports Coalition Against Duck Shooting Committee Against Bird Slaughter duck violence Victorian Wetlands League against Cruel Sports greyhounds SOS Galgos galgo Lega Anti Vvisezione Hunt Saboteurs Association Sea Sphere Conservation Society Winsome Constance Kindness Lush direct action
Topic Page(s): Human Potential


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