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Naledi: A Baby Elephant’s Tale

When she loses everything, she'll win your heart.
2016 | 90 min | Recommended min. age: 10 y

Born on an incredibly starry summer night in 2013, Naledi (which means ‘star’ in Setswana) was orphaned just six weeks later when her mother passed away in January 2014. This meant that immediate action had to be taken to both comfort Naledi – and save her life. It took a dedicated team of men working around the clock to nurse her back to health. Naledi has a rambunctious yet loving personality and deep bonds with the men at the rescue camp as well as the female elephants of the rescue camp herd.

The film follows Naledi’s life and the challenges she and her carers face. It shows insights into today’s problems with ivory trade and follows one of the wildlife biologists on his quest for an all African elephant census, to learn how few elephants actually are still left.

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