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Arctic Tale

Star rating: 4.5 of 6
2007 | 81 min | Recommended min. age: 6 y

Set in the vast snowy kingdom at the top of the world “Arctic Tale” is a documentary film from the National Geographic Society about the life cycle of a walrus and her calf, and a polar bear and her cubs, in a similar vein to the 2005 hit production March of the Penguins, also from National Geographic.

Join narrator Queen Latifah as she delves into the unfamiliar icy world of the North Pole. The narration tells the story of two very different arctic creatures, Nanu, the polar bear cub, and Seela, the walrus pup and their exciting and harrowing struggles for survival. Armed only with their natural instincts and mothers’ guidance, these inspiring animals face countless trials and challenges in a beautiful icebound world that is rapidly melting beneath them.

While it appears to follow the life cycle of two individual animals, a polar-bear cub dubbed “Nanu” and a walrus calf named “Seela,” from birth through maturity, both animals are composite characters, assembled to fit a fictionalized but information-packed narrative.

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