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Tomorrow Has Come

The Drama of Brazilian People Affected by Climate Change
2018 | 23 min | Recommended min. age: 12 y

The documentary film “Tomorrow has come – the drama of Brazilian people affected by climate change” states its business: showing that the impacts of climate change have already reached all Brazilians, whether in cities, in the countryside or the forest.
Nothing nor anyone can escape the impacts of climate change.

People from all corners of Brazil, our cities and forests, our economy, our health and our dreams for the future. Six Brazilians, from five different states, tell how climate change has affected their lives. A young indigenous woman who became the leader of a volunteer fire brigade after an unprecedented forest fire; a small farmer who faced six years of drought; a centenarian caiçara community forced to move due to the advance of the sea; a retailer who saw his shop destroyed by rains and landslides that claimed hundreds of lives in Rio de Janeiro; an oyster farmer who suffered harsh losses due to rising sea temperatures; a woman from a coastal city who lost two cars to storm tides which are happening more and more often along the Brazilian coast.

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