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The best films around the topics of climate heating, climate protection and activism.

It’s heating up. For many people, climate heating is already noticeable today. Through the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and land degradation and high-performance industrial agriculture, humans are releasing greenhouse gases such as C02 and methane, which are accumulating in the atmosphere.

Ecosystems, biodiversity, water and nutrient cycles: they all keep our Earth’s climate in a life-friendly balance. If we protect these habitats, we also protect the climate. Climate protection offers the opportunity to make fundamental areas such as energy, transport, agriculture and the economy sustainable. With emission reductions, we gain more quality of life in the shortest possible time through fewer pollutants in the air and water and we will also have life-friendly temperatures in 20 years’ time.

The films in this section link climate facts with personal stories and faces – and inspire climate protection in the here and now. The opportunities for action are there.