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2019 | 92 min | Recommended min. age: 14 y

What could our future look like in 2040? How can we leave a world worth living in for future generations, limit CO2 emissions and what can we do about climate change?

Award-winning filmmaker Damon Gameau travels around the world in search of answers to these pressing questions. And he finds many amazing approaches and already available solutions. By 2040, the earth’s coexistence could be sustainably improved if households produce their own energy, if car traffic is replaced by sharing models and self-propelled cars, and if space is made available for parks and urban gardening. Agriculture could make a significant contribution with new methods and lower the CO2 level in the atmosphere, and we could also counteract the acute threat in the sea. We just have to be ready to work together now for a better world and break new ground. By acting responsibly, we can create a world worth living in.

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