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An Inconvenient Truth

A Global Warning
2006 | 92 min | Recommended min. age: 12 y

“An Inconvenient Truth” could prove to be one of the most important and forward-looking documentaries of all time, given that the fate of our planet is undoubtedly at stake. Al Gore, jokingly calling himself a “former elected president”, felt a personal need – as he has often done in his political career – to draw attention to the growing crisis of global warming, and this rousing documentary is basically a (by the experienced television director Davis Guggenheim) filmed version of the PowerPoint lecture Gore gave to interested audiences around the world.

Many viewers will be surprised by Gore’s pleasant, restrained handling of constellations, graphics, statistics and photographs, which leave no room for doubt about the truthfulness (not “theory”) of global warming as the Earth’s ultimate environmental crisis, and how fascinating and convincing this unobtrusive film really is. One learns a lot about the formative events that shaped his character, impressing the viewer as a man with a mission.

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