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The best films on the topics of oceans, marine animals, overfishing, ocean acidification, coral bleaching and plastic pollution.

Our oceans are home to a huge diversity of species, they provide us with oxygen and regulate the climate. They are also an important source of food and inspiration for us. For example, about half of humanity lives in coastal areas. And the more we know about the fascinating underwater world, the more it amazes us.

Despite their unimaginable depths and vastness, the oceans are under threat. Our hunger for fish and seafood is exploding, while fish stocks continue to dwindle. As a result, ever larger and more modern high-tech fishing fleets and trawl ships are plundering the seas. They leave behind tons of dead bycatch and destroyed seabeds. But fertiliser inputs from agriculture, climate change and plastic are also taking their toll on the oceans and their inhabitants. In the North Pacific, a gigantic rubbish whirlpool is making its rounds, affecting the lives of animals in the sea as well as on land.

The films in this section show the beauty and diversity of the oceans in impressive underwater shots, but also their fragility. They show what threatens the oceans and, above all, what we can do to protect them.

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