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Sounds of the Seas

A scientific detective story
2007 | 52 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

Every month new military sonars are deployed. There hasn’t been a single documentary on this issue. Reason enough for leading scientists to engage in this bold and daring task.

“Sounds of the Seas” leads far beyond normal wildlife films. The dedicated biologist Antonella Servido gathers evidence usually hidden behind the walls of marine laboratories. Complimented with secret insights on military technologies, a unique collaboration between marine biologists and IT specialists make it possible for the first time to follow whales further than 800 meters below sea level. Military sonars are built to detect hostile submarines over hundreds of miles, using massive levels of sound. As the possibility of an energy war increases, will scientists stand up to tackle the inevitable repercussions of our wars in the oceans? What does this mean for the Earth’s largest mammals?

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