The 11th Hour

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“The 11th Hour” is the last moment when change is possible. The film explores how we’ve arrived at this moment – how we live, how we impact the earth’s ecosystems, and what we can do to change our course.

Featuring ongoing dialogues of experts from all over the world, including former Soviet Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev, renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, former head of the CIA R. James Woolsey and sustainable design experts William McDonough and Bruce Mau in addition to over 50 leading scientists, thinkers and leaders who discuss the most important issues that face our planet and people.

Leonardo diCaprio tries to pack everything on the topic of sustainability in this one film, which seems to be a very big challenge. Al Gore’s "An Inconvenient Truth" set a pretty high standard for documentaries. "The 11th Hour" is at some points certainly very impressive, but contexts and correlations are not explained well.

However, the numerous interviews with interesting personalities are very remarkable. Most of them can be watched in full length on the English DVD. The interviews make the DVD unique as they contain solutions and visionary perspectives that can not even be found on the internet. Not only technical approaches are touched upon, but also social and even spiritual approaches.

We highly recommend this DVD because of these incomparable and instructive interviews! Very mind-expanding!

Director(s): Nadia Conners, Leila Conners Petersen
Script: Leonardo DiCaprio, Nadia Conners, Leila Conners Petersen
Production: Appian Way, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tree Media Group, Greenhour
Music: Jean-Pascal Beintus
Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Wangari Maathai, Sylvia Earle, Stephen Hawking, Mikhail Gorbachev
Year: 2007
Duration: 88 min
Picture format: 16:9
Our age recommendation: 16
Language (audio): German, French, English
Country of origin: United States
Shooting Locations:
Screening rights: Warner Bros. International Television ()

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Main topic(s): Climate
Secondary topics: biodiversity renewables fossil fuel climate
Mentions: climate energy ecosystem collapse turning point crisis
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