The cry of the climate generation

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Faced with the feeling of powerlessness caused by the extreme consequences of climate change, some activists of the Basque organisation Bizi! are making a crazy bet: The winner is the person who manages to build an unprecedented mobilization for COP21 in a few years and to start a non-violent movement for the climate: Alternatiba.

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Director(s): Sandra Blondel, Pascal Hennequin
Production: fokus21
Music: Romain Desjonquères, Mali Karma
Year: 2017
Duration: 100 min
Language (audio): French
Country of origin: France
Shooting Locations: France
Our age recommendation: 12
Screening rights: Fokus21 ()

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Main topic(s): Climate Human Potential
Secondary topics: politics activism
Mentions: Cycle Scream COP21 Collective Alternatiba BNP Paribas
Topic Page(s): Climate Human Potential

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