Climate Change The Facts

The Facts

David Attenborough takes a stark look at the facts surrounding climate change in today's world, detailing the dangers we are already having to deal with and future threats, but also the possibilities for prevention and radical political, social and cultural change.

"Climate Change - The Facts" leads through all the major topics of climate change and gives a concrete and moving overview of the happening on our planet.

Director(s): David Attenborough
Production: BBC Studios, IWC Media, Serena Davis
Music: Rob Manning
Actors: David Attenborough, Michael Mann, James Hansen, Greta Thunberg, Peter Stott, Naomi Orestes, Richard Black, Rebeca Koller, Catherine Mitchell, Justin Bilton, Charles Bilton, Sunita Narain, Andrew Shepherd, Colette Pichon Battle, Albert Naquin, Chris Brunet, Juliette Brunet, Richard Lazarus, Matthew Hansen, Mark Maslin, Mike Berners-Lee, Timton Leen, Katey Walter Anthony, Chris Stark, Sarabpal Bhatia, Bergur Sigfusson, Sandra Ost
Year: 2019
Duration: 57 min
Our age recommendation: 16
Language (audio): English
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Shooting Locations: India, Australia, United States, Sweden, Antarctic, Greenland
Screening rights: BBC One ()

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Main topic(s): Climate
Secondary topics: food security renewables meat food waste climate natural disasters
Mentions: co2 temperature wildfires extinction ice Antarctica Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy Louisiana sea level corals bleaching denial palm oil deforestation tipping points methan Paris 2015 Cop24 solar aviation electric Reykjavik Energy bats orang-utan
Topic Page(s): Climate Frontpage Cover Slider

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