"Accelerate" follows Bill McKibben, the founder of, during his 2018 tour in Australia as he demands that we accelerate climate action by the Australian government, businesses and communities. Bill is considered as one of the most acclaimed environmental activists in the US. During his time in Australia, he visited five states in just eight days, saw the devastation caused by ocean warming on our Great Barrier Reef, visited Newcastle to meet with union and government officials in the heart of the world’s biggest coal export port, and saw some of the low carbon solution projects underway in Adelaide. Throughout the tour, Bill had three key messages: we need to stop all new fossil fuel projects, switch to 100% renewable energy, and make sure not a dollar more goes to dirty energy. "Accelerate" aims to share, inspire and motivate Australia to get active before the next Australian federal election to ensure climate change is THE issue nationally.

Die Regisseurin betont, dass der Film derzeit für ein australisches Publikum zugeschnitten ist und möglicherweise weniger Relevanz für einen europäischen Zuschauer haben könnte. Allerdings wird in Erwägung gezogen, die Erzählung globaler zu gestalten, da das Thema in jedem Fall ein globales ist.

Director(s): Emma Hudson
Production: Blair Palese
Music: Oliver Dibley
Actors: Bill McKibben, Rachel Ward, Sean Keenan, Mia Wasikowska, Jack Thompson, Simon Baker
Year: 2019
Duration: 54 min
Our age recommendation: 16
Language (audio): English
Country of origin: Australia
Shooting Locations: Australia
Screening rights: ()
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Main topic(s): Climate Human Potential
Secondary topics: renewables footprint politics interconnection activism
Mentions: climate action Australian federal elections coal mining climate change global warming "The End of Nature" Blair Palette Dengue-fever Bangladesh protest Stop-Adani Global Warming sustainability
Topic Page(s): Climate Frontpage Cover Slider

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