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When Dian was six years old, she heard a deep rumble and turned to see a tsunami of mud barreling towards her village. Her mother scooped her up to save her from the boiling mud. Her neighbors ran for their lives. Sixteen villages, including Dian's, were wiped away, forever buried under 60 feet of mud.

A decade later, 60,000 people have been displaced from what was once a thriving industrial and residential area in East Java. Dozens of factories, schools and mosques are completely submerged under a moonscape of ooze and grit. The cause? Lapindo, an Indonesian company drilling for natural gas in 2006, unleashed a violent, unstoppable flow of hot sludge from the earth's depths. It is estimated that the mudflow will not end for another decade.

Shot over the course of six years, "Grit" bears witness to Dian's transformation from young girl to a politically active teenager as she and her mother launch a resistance campaign against the drilling company.

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Outstanding and moving documentation of an environmental scandal in Indonesia. "Grit" is a film about human potential that wonderfully complements the current debate about young female role models in the environmental and climate movement. Insider tip and a recommendation from the editorial staff.

Further reviews

This grandly poetic documentary serves both as a memorial to the disaster's victims and as the story of a young activist battling a formidable alliance of big business and corrupt politicians. – Mill Valley Film Festival

Grit is another sad story in which human lives are mere collateral damage to a corporation’s bottom line. – Point Of View Magazine

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Director(s): Sasha Friedlander, Cynthia Wade
Script: Sasha Friedlander, Cynthia Wade
Production: Sasha Friedlander, Cynthia Wade, Tracie Holder, Matthew Syrett
Music: Max Avery Lichtenstein
Actors: Dian Karina Maharani, Harwati Maharani, Aburizal Bakrie, Dadang Christanto, Agoes Soegianto
Year: 2018
Duration: 81 min
Picture format: 16:9
Language (audio): Indonesian
Language (subtitles): English
Country of origin: Denmark, Indonesia, United States
Shooting Locations: Indonesia
Our age recommendation: 14
Screening rights: Journeyman Pictures ()

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Main topic(s): Human Potential
Secondary topics: fossil fuel courage activism
Mentions: Indonesia Sidoarjo mud flow Java mud gas disaster tourism activism Lapindo drilling politics protests
Topic Page(s): Human Potential

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