Zwischen Kohle und Klima

Drei Menschen, eine Geschichte

We accompanied Philipp, Ruth and Anja for more than a year. Three people, united in the conflict-laden debate about the future of Germany's energy supply, but on completely different sides.

Philipp (35) lives in Cologne. His job as an open-pit mining engineer in Germany's largest open-pit lignite mine in Hambach is the big deal for him. Ruth (30) lives in Leipzig. She works in an organization for sustainable development. When it comes to risky climate protection measures, she regularly comes up against her personal limits. Anja (36) lives in Spremberg in Lausitz, where she recently opened her own advertising agency. Most of her clients work in the coal industry...

The struggle for lignite in Germany has become a personal challenge for these three people. Philipp's professional future is shaking, while Anja's life is increasingly dependent on coal and Ruth is campaigning for the immediate withdrawal from coal with ever more radical actions.

The film describes how the debate about coal withdrawal affects personal life and how politics and private life interlock.

Director(s): Johanna Jaurich
Script: Johanna Jaurich
Production: Carl-A. Fechner, MDR, Christian Junker, Gabriele Di Stefano
Actors: Philipp Schollmeyer, Albert Haxhija, Anja Kiesslich, Ruth Krohn, Carmen Krohn, Zora, Ullrich Heinemann, Martin Grüneberg, Jens Hausner, Thilo Kraneis, Christian Seidel
Year: 2018
Duration: 29 min
Our age recommendation: 12
Language (audio): German
Country of origin: Germany
Shooting Locations: Germany
Screening rights: fechnerMedia ()


Main topic(s): Energy
Secondary topics: fossil fuel politics cooperation activism
Mentions: quarry lignite brown coal protest renewable energy resettlement job security civil disobedience coal mining deforestation
Topic Page(s): Energy

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