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Voices of Transition

An inspiring documentary about the pioneers of transition
Star rating: 4 of 6
2012 | 66 min | Recommended min. age: 14 y

A documentary ‘action’ film about love, life and localizing food production.
Starring the Transition Town movement, French Farmers and Cuban agriculture.

This encouraging documentary promotes great samples of how we can prepare farmland and cities around the globe responding a multiplicity of challenges such as climate change or the growing lack of natural resources like oil.

France’s, Britain’s and Cuba’s best known protagonists of the social-ecological Transition speak up in this film. The Cuban Way may impress the most, as in the early 90’s of last century the tropic island was hit by an economic crisis. The Cubans found ways of surviving without oil, turning need into passion, using people’s talent and improvisation. Meanwhile this country has become world’s pioneer in ecological urban farming.

This Film demonstrates ways of feeding the world using post-carbon methods and relocated agriculture practiced in France, England and Cuba. It explains how to revive our planet by interacting wisely with resources, building tree lines, diversifying food cultures and developing a community focussed mind-set. Local oil-independent structures are featured, battling climate change.

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