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A World of Many Choices
2015 | 92 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

One Australian family spend their life savings to travel to the USA and spend a subsequent four years documenting a style of farming that will change the fate of humanity.

Set amidst the stunning Shenandoah Valley in northern Virginia, ‘Polyface Farm’ is led by the “the World’s Most Innovative Farmer” (TIME) and uses no chemicals to feed over 6,000 families, many restaurants and food outlets up to 3-hours away.

“Polyfaces” is a joyous film about connecting to the land and the community. Produced over four years it follows the Salatin family, a 4th generation farming family who do ‘everything different to everyone else’ as they produce food in a way that works with nature, not against it. Using the symbiotic relationships of animals and their natural functions, they produce high quality, nutrient-dense products.

“Polyfaces” show how they regenerate their landscapes, communities, local economies, customer’s health and most importantly their soils. Various characters are introduced and their powerful, personal journeys are told, of how they benefit physically and emotionally from the Salatin’s way of farming. This model is being replicated throughout our global village, proving that we can provide quality produce without depleting our planet.

Agriculture is the most damaging industry but it doesn’t have to be and this regenerative model of food production could be just the thing that saves us!

If you eat, buy, or grow food then this is a film you must see!

“If every farmer in the United States would practice this system, in fewer than 10 years we would sequester ALL the CARBON that’s been emitted since the beginning of the Industrial Age…”
Joel Salatin, Polyfacefarms

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