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Uranium – Is It A Country

Tracking the origins of nuclear power
2008 | 53 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

In Europe, nuclear energy is increasingly being presented as a climate saviour. However, it’s clear that nuclear power plants need uranium.

The aim is to comprehensively illustrate the opportunities and risks posed by nuclear energy, whilst paying particular attention to uranium mining.

Australia has the world’s largest deposits of this resource. The film travels to the “land down under” to exemplify where uranium comes from, where it goes and what it becomes and what will remain of it.

By now, the most used combustible for the nuclear energy production is uranium. Unfortunately, the world has many problems and risks because of this. This film is about uranium and its use for the nuclear energy production. It doesn’t want to be comprehensive of everything concerning nuclear reactors. The film is based on an accurate inquiry about uranium.

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