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oder die Arroganz der Macht
1988 | 93 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

Behind the barbed-wire-armoured safety facilities of the future reprocessing plant near Wackersdorf, construction work is in full swing. The facility will soon be ready to start reprocessing spent nuclear fuel. Meanwhile, the Bavarian “Ministry for the Environment”, the responsible licensing authority invites the public to the hearing on the 2nd partial nuclear licence in Neunburg vorm Wald. The 881,000 people who have submitted written objections against the construction of the reprocessing plant are to be “heard”  in a small hall in this remote village of 8,000 people. High up on a tribune are the gentlemen of the licensing authority, to their right the gentlemen of the operating company, to their left the gentlemen of the Technical Inspection Agency and other independent experts. Guards are on hand to protect them from the people in the crowded hall.

The film documents how the democracy showcase eliminates the residual risk that democracy represents for the nuclear lobby. It exposes how those in power arrogantly – and in full accordance with legislation – ignore the justified fears and objections of citizens and scientists.

A historical document on nuclear reprocessing, nuclear energy, and democracy.

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