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Two Raging Grannies

Challenging Economic Growth
2014 | 78 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

Two raging grannies on their mobility scooters set out on a journey across the USA. They travel from Seattle to Wall Street on a quest to find out whether perpetual economic growth is possible.

Shirley (90) and Hinda (84) grew up during the great depression. They are, and have always been, engaged in social and political issues. In fact Shirley has been in jail around 20 times for her activism. The current financial crisis, the global warming and their worry about the grandchildren’s future have made them question the common worldview that we need perpetual economic growth.

This is the starting point for a journey coast to coast where they’re looking for new answers. Attending a lecture at the University of Washington, their straightforward questions get them kicked out by the professor. Seeking advice from a financial advisor, they learn that “only a meteor could stop economic growth”, and sneaking into a Wall Street charity dinner and grabbing the microphone, they end up being abused by a security guard.

Hinda says she wants to see her birthplace New York one last time before she dies and for Shirley it’s important to make this last trip together with her best friend. Their personal mission binds them together, but traveling in their old age also brings out new challenges. Sometimes they bicker like an old married couple and their intimate relationship is at times tense, but always filled with humor and love. This is a film searching for new answers, but also a film about friendship, coming of age, illness and fear of death. Love from the family gives the ladies strength when they are close to giving up. They won’t find a clear solution and simple responses, but looking for an answer is keeping them very much alive.

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