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Too Big to Tell

Analyzing the Financial World
2014 | 114 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

How is money being created? How much money is out there and who owns it? What comes with a bank loan? What does interest do?

How long have there been Financial Crises? What would have been the answer to that 2000 years ago? Who invented Free Economy?

Which role does accounting take on in the crisis, what is it anyway?

What started in Bretton Woods? Which was the upside of linking gold and currency and why has it been dropped? When was the Market deregulated and who took advantage of it?

Why can’t you drive big banks out of business? How is a new Financial Law created in Brussels? What sort of banks do we really need?

Do we have laws taking care of lobbying? Who will advocate the public? How much content do new regulations come with? Who would read all that? Are there alternatives?

Who are we cheering finally?

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