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Let’s Make Money

What are the banks doing with our money?
2008 | 107 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

Where is your money? Probably not at the bank where you think you left it.

The concept behind the film “Let’s Make Money” came from an advertising campaign for a bank: “Let your money work for you!” This is how the film traces the money, to where Spanish construction workers, African farmers, or Indian laborers multiply the money for western banks. “Let’s make money” shows us the celebrated fund managers who invest clients money every day, or entrepreneurs who, for the benefit of their shareholders, outsource production to foreign countries where labour and environmental regulations are more relaxed. This film briefly shows us several levels of the financial system and its consequences for our lives.

Seeming inextricable transactions and impenetrable connections are traced back to simple principles and are summed up in concentrated conversations with convincing experts.

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