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Scientists under Attack

Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money
2010 | 88 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

A political thriller about genetic engineering and freedom of opinion.

When scientist Arpad Pusztai reported that genetically modified (GM) foods caused serious health problems in rats, he was a hero at his prestigious UK institute – for two days. But after two phone calls (apparently) from the Prime Minister’s office, he was fired, gagged, and mercilessly attacked. When UC Berkeley professor Ignacio Chapela discovered GM corn contamination in Mexico, he too faced a firestorm of distortion and denial that left him struggling to salvage his career.

According to scientists, 95% of the researchers in the field of genetic engineering are paid for by the industry. Only 5% of the researchers are independent. The great threat to freedom of expression, integrity of science and democracy is evident. Can the public – can we all – still trust the scientists?

The documentary shows how the multinational agrochemical companies intimidate international scientists to prevent them from publishing their frightening discoveries. Find out how the biotech industry “engineers” the truth and what they are trying to hide from you.

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