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The Agricultural Trader

Completely without genetic engineering
2011 | 44 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

Dismissed by opponents as a fool, valued and respected by his clients and supporters, eccentric animal feed trader Josef Feilmeier has proven that agriculture doesn’t need genetic engineering.

When genetic engineering was first introduced into agriculture, Josef Feilmeier was all for it. Soon, though, he began to have doubts and started to delve into the details. Nowadays, Josef Feilmeier is a driving force in the local area. From its warehouse in Vilshofen, a small town on the Danube, his family business supplies 500 farmers with GM-free animal feed.

His passion for high-quality, natural feed comes from his farmer’s soul. The support of his family is critical to the success of his enterprise. Josef’s son, Stefan, has brought new ideas to the business, and his wife, Rosa is not his most important adviser – the one who keeps Feilmeier’s feet on the ground. His success is, however, also down to the organic feed he supplies: “When we eat well, we feel better, too. And animals are no different.”

Feilmeier feels responsible for nature, and he draws strength from his Christian beliefs. He sees Creation as a whole – something humans shouldn’t meddle with.

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