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Percy Schmeiser – David versus Monsanto

2009 | 65 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

Imagine a storm blows across your property – and that now, without your knowledge or consent, genetically manipulated seeds are present in the garden you have tended for years. A few days later, representatives of a multi-national corporation pay you a visit, demand that you surrender your produce – and simultaneously file a criminal complaint against you, with a fine of € 20,000, for the illegal use of patented, genetically-manipulated seeds.

What’s more: The court decides in favor of the corporate group. But you fight back.

Around the world, this story represents the bitter truth. It’s the real-life experience of Canadians Percy und Louise Schmeiser, winners of the Alternative Nobel Prize, who have been fighting chemical and seed manufacturer Monsanto since 1996. Today, nearly three-fourths of genetically manipulated plants harvested worldwide originated in Monsanto labs.

Monsanto is the U.S.-based corporation responsible for the invention of such devastating and discredited products as as DDT, PCB and Agent Orange. Its aim is to gain absolute hegemony over plants – all the way from the field to the consumer’s plate. And in its efforts to achieve this goal, Monsanto has no qualms. Like the Schmeisers, farmers Troy Rush, David Runyon and Marc Loisell have learned the hard way what it means to be confronted with Monsanto’s methods of doing business – as have thousands of other farmers worldwide.

The Schmeisers and their allies are not only fighting against Monsanto – and for their livelihood as farmers – but for the right to freedom of speech and to their property. And, above all, they are campaigning for the future of their children and grandchildren – so that they, too, will have the chance to grow up in a world free from genetically-manipulated food.

This film is for anyone who fears that, as individuals, we have no power to confront policymakers, large corporations or the business world. “David versus Monsanto” offers hope: It shows that it can be done.

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