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The Green Planet

Visitors from another Planet
1996 | 99 min | Recommended min. age: 12 y

“The Green Planet” belongs to another solar system. Through the simplicity of their lifestyle those who live there are a real step ahead of us: they spend their time concentrating their knowledge, strength and energy on the development of their minds and bodies in a natural environment which they dearly preserve and care for.

Once a year, the passionate nature-lovers gather in the crater of a dormant volcano to decide which planets they ought to send messengers to. There are volunteers for every planet except Earth, which is considered too primitive, too polluted and too dangerous. Only one adventurous woman, Mila, offers to go there to seek out her identity, as Osam the old sage has revealed to her that she was conceived there during a previous trip by her father. Mila leaves her four children behind and is transported to a Parisian high street.

After recovering from the initial culture shock of being confronted with a concrete jungle, Mila meets the characters who will help her shape her destiny for the better.

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