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Yasuni Man

2016 | 94 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

Over the past seven years, US biologist Ryan Killackey has endured bot fly larvae, dysentery, bullet ant stings and malignant melanoma in order to film an intimate and polemical account of a remote forest community under pressure from US and Chinese oil companies. The result is “Yasuni Man”, a 94-minute record of a stunningly beautiful region believed to be one of the most biodiverse on the planet at a particularly troubled time in its history.

“Yasuni Man” is a film about a conflict raging deep within the Ecuadorian Amazon. A real-life Avatar story. Once under siege by missionaries seeking to civilize them, the Huaorani people battle industry operatives and their own government in a fight to survive. Join biologist-turned-filmmaker Ryan Killackey and his native friend Otobo as they embark on an expedition into the most bio-diverse forest on Earth. Witness what may be lost as oil companies encroach, human rights violations run rampant, and a forest Eden is destroyed – all for the oil that lies beneath Yasuni.

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