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Love Flows

Connecting Fish, Rivers and People
2019 | 35 min | Recommended min. age: 16 y

Once upon a time, massive fish migrations were observed every year around the globe. Civilizations and wildlife revolved around these natural wonders and depended on them for survival. For millennia, we have relied on rivers as a source of food, recreation and energy. Unfortunately, many of these natural, free-flowing rivers have deteriorated as generations pass. “Love Flows” brings to life the challenges that voiceless rivers and fishes face against threats but more importantly, what we are doing to help improve the situation. It captures the growing passion of thousands of people from across the globe that join together to celebrate their love and work for rivers and fishes.

One of the biggest threats to healthy rivers are dams. Dams block the flow of rivers, the passage of fish, and interrupt the health and ecology of our freshwater systems. These barriers have massive effects on the survival of migratory fish but the tide is turning, and we are starting to bring these rivers and fish populations back. Now, citizens around the world are becoming activated to help restore these rivers that are the life sources of our planet.

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