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Film tip: Honeyland

The Oscar-nominated masterpiece "Honeyland" now in cinemas near you! On 6 February 2020, we will bring our festival film "Honeyland" to the big screens. The winning film of the renowned Sundance Festival touchingly opens our eyes to the careful treatment of nature and people. "Honeyland" has a chance of winning the Oscar - the most important film award of the year - as both best documentary and best international film.

Hatidze Muratova is one of the last honey beekeepers in the Balkans. She earns her living by collecting wild honey. The well-being of the bees always comes first. She leaves half of the honey to the bees – beekeeping according to ancient tradition.

“A wonderful masterpiece, shot over three years with an invisible camera. One could watch Hatidze for hours…”


Hatidze’s peaceful life without running water and electricity is turned upside down when a wandering family of 9 settles next to her. She welcomes the newcomers with an open heart and advises them on their beekeeping experiments. But when the patriarch of the family wants to make big money out of honey, the fragile balance between man and nature, humanity and discord, exploitation and sustainability threatens to tip.

“Enthält Welten – in nur einer wundervollen, scheinbar einfachen Geschichte.”


Hatidze’s story shows what we lose when we cut our close connection to nature. Because in doing so, we also put our own humanity at risk. A sensitive plea for the careful treatment of nature and people. Great cinema that moves!

Discover Honeyland.

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