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Racing Green

The First Electric Car to Drive the Pan-American Highway - A World Record
2011 | 180 min

The documentary follows a team of visionary engineering graduates from Imperial College London on a mission to establish a world record. They build the first electric car capable of driving the entire Pan-American Highway – the longest road in the world.

They want to show that battery powered cars can drive long distances and are ready to replace petrol guzzling cars.

To prove their point they decide to drive from the top of Alaska to the tip of Argentina, and cover a staggering 26,000 km through 14 countries across 2 continents. They encounter some of the most magnificent and challenging terrain on earth, face extreme weather conditions from sub-zero temperatures to tropical downpours and searing heat, and they struggle with crashes, breakdowns and fire.

“Racing Green” offers an inspiring insight into an astonishing achievement of mind over matter, and captures the undeterred and pioneering spirit of young men ready to tackle the challenges of our future. It shows how vision and determination by a few individuals can truly make a difference.

“Racing Green” is a landmark for the electric car revolution of the 21st century.

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