Films for the Earth Foundation

After 10 years of Films for the Earth, we established a foundation in March 2018 to substantially strengthen the work of the association and make a global contribution to environmental education.

The internationally active foundation wants to promote the distribution of exquisite documentaries and other media about the environment and nature. The foundation acquires film rights and, together with patrons, makes them available free of charge or reduced for charitable purposes. In addition, the foundation is the international umbrella for the country sections Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Filme für die Erde Stiftung
Steinberggasse 54
CH-8000 Winterthur
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Phone: 0041 77 420 63 69

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We thank the founders: Katharina Baumann, Michael Zeugin, Helen Grossmann, Silvia Gygax-Matter, Reto Gygax, Patrick Hofstetter, Christian Huggenberg, Karin Joss, Kai Pulfer, Andrea Renggli, Annetta Steiner and Remo Stefan Weber

*The Films for the Earth Foundation is not an grants giving foundation and does not accept applications. If applications are nevertheless submitted, we take the liberty of not answering them for resource reasons. Thank you for your understanding.