My Octopus Teacher

For eight years, the freediver Craig Foster has explored the rare wildlife off the coast of South Africa.

His daily observations of a wild octopus living in a kelp forest develops into a close bond, across species and separated by millions of years of evolution. The ingenuity and quick wit of the octopus bear witness to a highly developed intelligence.

With Roger Horrocks (BBC's 'Blue Planet II') behind the camera, we are brought below the surface of the sea and into another world full of colourful and quirky animals, and witness the wonders and brutality of nature. The encounter with the octopus changes Craig's life forever.

Director(s): Philippa Ehrlich, James Reed
Script: Philippa Ehrlich, James Reed
Production: Off The Fence, Ellen Windemuth, Foster Brothers Film, Craig Foster
Music: Kevin Smuts
Actors: Craig Foster
Year: 2020
Duration: 90 min
Our age recommendation: 10
Language (audio): English
Country of origin: Netherlands
Shooting Locations: South Africa
Screening rights: Films Transit International Inc. ()

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Main topic(s): Oceans
Secondary topics: biodiversity wildlife
Mentions: ocean friendship freediver octopus nature wildlife coast Off The Fence
Topic Page(s): Oceans


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