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The best films about the beauty of the oceans, whales, sharks, overfishing and plastic pollution.

The oceans dominate our earth. It is not for nothing that we speak of the blue planet. Their outstanding importance for humans is reflected in the fact that about half of the world's population lives in coastal areas.

The oceans are an important source of food, home to breathtaking biodiversity, they supply us with oxygen and regulate the climate.

Despite their immensity and unbridled power, the oceans are subject to numerous threats: Overfishing, acidification, pollution from plastics, oil, fertilizers and industrial chemicals have devastating consequences for these enchanting underwater worlds and all those who depend on them.

The problems that threaten the health of marine ecosystems are man-made and it is in all our interests to solve them. Let yourself be inspired by our film collection!

«Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part.»

Hermann Broch

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