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Our film tips and overview of the best films about our oceans, but also overfishing, whales, sharks and plastic in the sea.

Through the process of the water cycle, the ocean provides humans not only with fresh water to drink, but also has been feeding coastal populations for thousands of years.

Coral reefs and life underwater belong to the most flourishing and diverse ecosystems that humanity can imagine. However, the oceans are at risk because of human activity. The rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere is also raising the acidity levels of the water, which makes life for corals and all vertebrate species impossible. Plastic waste transcends all five large oceans, breaking down into microparticles and working its way into the food chain. Gigantic fishing fleets have made every edible fish an endangered species, and every unedible species a casualty of globalism.

The oceans, and with it, our world, are on the brink of collapse. The films below present rarely showed correlations and create awareness for the wonderful life underwater.

«Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part.»

Hermann Broch

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