Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion

When hip fashion-bloggers swap shoes with Cambodian textile workers

Official film description

It started off as a web-series, charting the experiences of three young fashion bloggers, who spent a month living the life of Cambodian garment workers in Phnom Penh. But following headlines and articles all over the world, more than a million hits and lots of inquires, the web-series has been re-imagined into an hour long documentary.

Frida, Anniken and Ludwig live, breath and dream fashion. They spend hundreds of euros every month on clothes and make a living promoting the latest catwalk trends. Except for speculated that factory workers must be ‘used to’ their hard lives, they have never given much thought to the people who make their clothes.Now, they’re trading their comfortable lives for those of Cambodian garment workers. As well as working in the factories, they have to survive on $3 a day. But this is no exploitative doc, relying on shock value. It poignantly shows the consequences of cheap fashion.

Notes on the film

Unter dem Titel "Hungerlohn für hippe Mode" zeigte der WDR 2015 eine deutsche Zusammenfassung der Doku-Reihe "Sweatshop".

Further reviews

…a successful attempt to approach this issue emotionally. By starring trendsetters, the chance of reaching the Primark and H&M target group is definitely higher than by showing infographics. – Annika Leister, Berliner Zeitung

Technical information and screening rights...

Director(s): Joakim Kleven
Production: Hacienda Films A.S., APTV
Year: 2015
Duration: 52 min
Language (audio): English, Norwegian
Language (subtitles): French, English, Spanish
Country of origin: Norway
Shooting Locations: Cambodia, Norway
Our age recommendation: 14
Screening rights: SRF mySchool (Switzerland) | Javafilms ()

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Main topic(s): Fairtrade + Economy
Secondary topics: globalisation clothing
Mentions: fashion blogger Cambodia textile factory H&M labor rights industry reality tv injustice teenager youth blog fashion
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