Queen Without Land

This is the true story of the meeting between Frost, a beautiful polar bear mother, and Asgeir Helgestad, a Norwegian wildlife filmmaker.

It is a four-year journey in Svalbard. Rising temperatures are responsible for dramatic changes in Frost's ecosystem as the ice is melting at record speed. From complete darkness to the absolute light of the midnight sun, Svalbard transforms from a cold and inhospitable place to the most joyous and lively scene for ice algae, fish, birds and animals. But alongside these seasonal transformations, the disappearing sea ice forces life to new limits. Fjords that were once full of ice and seals, get abandoned pushing Frost further away. Asgeir is determined to find her and document all that is being lost, but his task is far from easy.

This film explores the question "this planet is home to all of us, can we afford to ignore it?"

Es existiert eine deutschsprachige, auf 45 Minuten gekürzte Fernsehversion mit dem Namen "Auf Wiedersehen Eisbär! - Mein Leben auf Spitzbergen" der ARD (siehe oben).

The film is beautiful to watch and captivates with shots that bring the beauty and sublimity of nature to the viewer. In addition, it succeeds in showing the interrelationships and human influences on the ecosystem in which the polar bears live.

"Queen Without Land" is above all a visual delight and emotionally stimulating. The film entertains the viewer well without underchallenging him intellectually. It's a film that can excite children and adults alike.

By touching the audience emotionally and bringing the polar bears and their world closer to them, the film motivates them to contribute to the preservation of the unique ecosystem of the Arctic. This is also achieved through the skilful use of cinematic means, the great beauty of the images and a comprehensible structure.

Director(s): Asgeir Helgestad
Script: Asgeir Helgestad, Anne Elvedal
Production: Asgeir Helgestad, Doclights, Britta Kiesewetter, Artic Light
Music: Julian Cisneros
Actors: Asgeir Helgestad
Year: 2018
Duration: 70 min
Our age recommendation: 6
Language (audio): German, English
Country of origin: Norway
Shooting Locations: Norway
Screening rights: Albatross World Sales ()


Main topic(s): Climate Planet Earth
Secondary topics: biodiversity climate wilderness wildlife
Mentions: polar bear arctic antarctic Svalbard permafrost glacier northern light seals reindeer walrus wale bird seagull tourism Svalbard
Topic Page(s): Climate Films for Kids Planet Earth


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